Castagna’s daring night out

464732388Strong and bold, young Tiger Jason Castagna had a significant impact in just his third game of senior league football, against the Western Bulldogs at Etihad Stadium last Saturday night, picking up 19 disposals, including four inside-50s, six score involvements, two team-lifting goals, and taking seven marks.

Overall assessment of his performance

“It was good to find a bit of the ball. I had a bit of a slow start and then moved up in the midfield and got on the scoreboard as well, which was good.”

Scoring two goals

“I was pretty rapt with them. It was good for the boys to get around me and make it a pretty memorable moment . . .”

His on-field role

“They brought me in telling me I was going to play a bit in the midfield and forward. They just really emphasised me putting on tackle pressure and just doing what I’ve been doing in the VFL. So, it was really reassuring.”