Markworth Taking Coastal Road to Recovery

In the long road that is recovery from a knee reconstruction, it would be easy for players to become bored and perhaps even a little jaded.

The separation from the main training group, the physical restrictions, the test of patience and being asked the same questions every day would be a challenge for anyone trying to make their way in the football world.

Daniel Markworth has been as diligent as they come in his rehabilitation from knee surgery but a recent escape to Queensland to work under the guidance of former Ironman champion Trevor Hendy gave him the change he needed after seven months of recovering from a knee reconstruction in December.

While the week-long stay was anything but a holiday, the 21-year-old says he feels better for the experience.

“It is about doing something different and changing it up. ACL rehab is a long process so to go 15 months without playing you need to keep your mind fresh,” Markworth told

“I’ll look back at this and be thankful for the opportunity to come up here and train. To do something different is always a bit of fun as well.”

Hendy worked with the Saints closely on last year’s trip to Boulder, Colorado – where Markworth originally injured the knee.

Knowing the second-year Saint would be shattered at the thought of missing 12 months of football, Hendy and St Kilda coach Scott Watters spoke about the prospect of Markworth spending a week training under the former Ironman champion.

“We had a chat straight after it happened and what he could learn from it,” Hendy said.

“Obviously it was a terrible thing to happen so when Scotty asked if Dan could come up I was really excited about it because I was able to help him leave that experience behind. I keep saying it is a bit of a reboot why you’re here, you can reset yourself, you are halfway through the full rehab.

“It is a great opportunity to let things go but do a bit of work and change some things around and how I feel about my body again but reset my sights on what is next and I have been really excited about it.”

Hendy’s ultra-positive attitude to sport and life in general made him an instant hit with the St Kilda playing group in the 2012 Boulder camp and Markworth said learning from that attitude was as important as any physical work Hendy would coach him through.

“He loves his quotes, Trev. I’ve learnt positivity from him, he is a great bloke and says hi to everyone in the mornings. If you ring his voicemail it’s pretty funny because he is so positive about how good the day is,” Markworth said.

“So I have learnt positivity from him and to be optimistic but also for the training, it is not all hard work, it is about where you are going with it, being creative with your football so it gives some insight to where I want to go with my footy and where my training is going to take me.”