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Brent Macaffer – Collingwood #3

One of the success stories of the 2010 premiership team, Macaffer reestablished himself as a senior player three years later when he reinvented himself as a tagger in the midfield.
Such was Macaffer’s consistency in 2013 that he ran sixth in the Copeland Trophy after stopping the likes of Nick Dal Santo, Josh Kennedy and Joel Selwood in their tracks. In the twelve months that followed, he established himself as one of the finest taggers in the competition and, importantly, became an underrated leader in Nathan Buckley’s young Collingwood outfit.
He still has the ability to play in a variety of roles at half forward and at half back, marks extremely well overhead and is difficult to beat one-on-one. Macaffer has a tendency to break tackles but make his own stick, and when in form is a reliable shot for goal. A knee injury in the penultimate round of 2014 restricted him in 2015, but he will be back fit and ready this season.

Q: Which Junior Clubs did you play for and what was the highlight of your junior career?

A: I played for Kildunda Bass Footy Club from Under 12’s and played under 18’s for Gippsland Power. The highlight for me was playing at Kilkunda Bass with the mates who I grew up with from school. We just had a lot of fun playing footy.

Q: Who was your AFL Idol as a kid and why?

A: I had two. Mark Mercuri from Essendon was the first. My dad liked him and so I followed him and I saw myself as a similar player to him, he played in the midfield and off the half forward line and kicked a few goals. The second was Tony Modra. I just liked watching him play, he took speckies and kicked a lot of goals.

Q: What were you doing on the day you got drafted?

A: I was at home by myself listening to it on the radio. Mum and dad were at work so I had the house to myself and just sat there listening for my name.

Q: What has been the highlight of your AFL career so far?

A: Winning the 2010 Grand Final. It was an amazing feeling and something I’ll never forget.

Q: What are some of your interests outside of football?

A: Love the NBA. I follow Oklahoma City Thunder and I watch any NBA game anytime I get a chance. Apart from that I enjoy catching up with mates from back home in the off season.

Q: If you weren’t playing football what would you be doing for a job?

A: I wouldn’t be at university or working in an office job. I’m thinking once I finish footy I’ll either become a fireman or a personal trainer.