Tough training brings us together says Mundy

David Mundy photoDavid Mundy says the players are relishing the intense workload the group is currently being put through in pre-season training.

Temperatures have been sweltering, with days in the mid 30s a common occurrence over the past two weeks.

But Mundy said it just helped to bring the group closer.

“We’re in a really heavy training phase at the moment, but all the boys are really being very diligent with everything that they do,” he said.

“It’s a great time of year, the boys work very hard together and we get a really close bond,” he said.

“It’s just good to work so hard with so many of your mates every day.

“There’s lots of hard work and hot weather and the boys are really relishing those conditions.

The brilliant midfielder said the club’s small rehab group had allowed the team to train with good numbers on the track.

He added a number of younger players had presented very well for the pre-season and were seeing the benefits of their hard work on the track.

Players impress after pre-season break

“There’s lots of boys up and about at the moment,” Mundy said.

“Tommy Sheridan and Hayden Crozier have come back in really good nick and have put themselves in really good positions coming into the games.”

In his 12th AFL pre-season, Mundy said he was enjoying the preparations for another year, even if it came with its challenges.

“They never get any easier, I don’t think I’ve had an easy one so far,” he said.