Weekend Adventure’s with Westy: Camping

Trent West11As kids we were always travelling; Mum and Dad loved touring Australia, and so I was lucky enough to visit the Simpson Desert, Fraser Island and Moreton Island. We would travel through the Victorian High Country in winter, go trout fishing in the day and sit around the fire at night.

Even though I’ve travelled overseas, as an adult I prefer exploring my own backyard, and being able to drive across the country. I’ve got my car set up for touring, with a fridge, fold up loo and tent; if I go for the weekend I normally just take the ute with the swags, but if I’m going for longer I’ve got an off-road camper trailer which has solar panels installed so that I can live without electricity for a week.

I’m pretty self-sufficient when I’m on the road too – I carry my own water, and use the camp oven to cook roasts and other things. I’m looking forward to getting over to the Kimberley and up to Cape York when I finish footy.

This season I will be writing for lions.com.au about some of the things I like to get up in my down time and during the off-season. I will also be chatting to a few of the boys about what they like to do in their down time, so stay tuned for more!